A Restoration / In Good Standing

by Labour Day

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The third coming, the three-peat, the trifecta. Call it what you will but we have returned with our third EP. Everything was recorded in one weekend in late August. In the following months the EP was mixed, and mastered. What scrapes and bruises we have suffered in the past year are now more or less healed. We will hobble into tomorrow with our best limp forward with a restoration in mind.


released May 30, 2014

Recorded and Mixed by Barry Weatherhead
Mastered by Kevin Konarzewski
Performed by Labour Day (Robert Munroe, Philip James,
Daniel Munroe, Katie Pavement, and Robert C.)
Additional vocals by: Shawn Goldie, Owen Buckland, Josh Jezovit




Labour Day Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Strange Things
"strange things" in my mind i will find/another way to show you that i love you/with my heart i will start/to open up for you, that’s true/
things get so strange/see i don’t know/what im supposed to do now
with the things i know/again again again now/i know how it feels to be in love/the ugly form of conversation/doesn't mean i’m gonna give up now/going again again again now/ in my mind i will find/
another way to show you that i hate you/with my heart i will start/ to look the other way i say/things get so strange i don’t know/what i’m supposed to do now/see i don’t know/again again again now/
i know how it feels to be alone/the ugly forms of desperation/
doesn’t mean i’m gonna give up now/going again again again now
Track Name: Where The Alders Grow
where the alders grow don’t go back don’t turn around/what you’re looking for can never be found/and when the door is opened wide/just go close your eyes and hide/walkin’ on a dirty floor/the black has stained every board/first they come to take your couch away/it’ll probably stay/tearin’ down the walls to expose bad decisions enclosed/now i’m diggin’ through the drummer’s bass drum and hi-hats, his strong cymbal stands/snakin’ through the old supplies/man what a surpise/what a waste of time and unemployment/i feel like shit/should‘ve learned to make the team/building up self esteem/now i’m wasting time in deep Etobicoke/that is my home/i wish i were a better friend/so i don’t have to pretend/everything i thought was once important/i think i’m wrong/try so hard/make every damn day count/write down your thoughts/make sure to destroy them/build up your walls/hold onto your friends and loved ones/with confidence you can tell/who’s sad and who’s a lot like you/doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doooooo
Track Name: Brink of Destruction
brink of destruction how long should i wait out the storm tonight/
will it be for my own good/i've lost my rolling calendar/it belongs to to the water now/oh lordy how i know/ i need a helping hand/
to make this venture stand/oh lordy how i know/feel the sickness roll over into my brain/over compensating for the ending/the brink of destruction/how strong can this figure get going step by step
will it be for my own good/bring out the rarest of them all i need them for my own good
Track Name: Sodoma Skyline
when i woke up this morning / i see you, it's true / look at sodoma skyline / and feel new, woah oh / i don't wanna be like them, like them x2 / i am not your product / to be sold, woah oh/ oh woah ooh woah oh oh oh oh, oh woah ooh woah oh

but i, but i don't know / if there's a purpose of being here
Track Name: Greater Expectations
One more day, and I'll chew through these ropes/ Soon enough, I'll be able to digest them/When I do, it'll be sad but it'll be true who knew/I won't be able to say that I don't need you.

To those who say / I can't sleep I'm just scared awake /Here'es a beer or two / We'll hit the ground, I won't be ashamed / To those who sleep all day / It's not bad, if only it'll pay / I don't know why I'm still here / I'm too quiet, so gimme one more beer.

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So now we're fillin' up the backroom with everyone with everyone we know / It'll be okay because it's a Rock N Roll Show, yeah Show/ Now i'm trickin' my friends into believin' in me / and what I do is right / but it's not, oh no / I swear to god it's not / Now i'm heading for the country with all my dumb desires / and my drastic plans, but they're false and afraid/ Because I'm false and afraid, and that's the truth
Track Name: Red Dwarf, White Giant
Carl Sagan he died tonight, I spoke to him from hell today, He said it wasn't so bad there, it's except he's gotta share a room with you and you and you
Well Carl Sagan he died tonight, Red Dwarf and a White Giant, I spoke to him from hell today, He said it wasn't so bad there.